Pumpkin Bars with Cream Cheese Frosting

by kara on October 6, 2012

Wow.  It’s October already.  I can’t believe it. September went by in a flash.  Courtland and I spent a large part of the month in Paris and Barcelona.  We had a fantastic get-away and then came home to fall in full effect in Minnesota.  The leaves changed color, and there is a fall breeze in the air.  It’s all […]


Pumpkin Cookies with Brown Sugar Icing

by kara on October 3, 2011

I love all things pumpkin: pumpkin muffins, pumpkin bread, pumpkin bars, pumpkin pie, pumpkin soup, pasta with pumpkin.   I could go on and on.   Jack has been begging me to bake him cookies.  It is October after all, so I decided to bake pumpkin cookies.  These cookies will most certainly satisfy a craving for pumpkin and spice.  Share these with friends, unless you want to keep dipping your hand […]


Pumpkin Curry Pork Tenderloin

by kara on January 23, 2011

This recipe really couldn’t be any easier.  I purchased a jar of Pumpkin Curry Sauce prior to the holidays.  The directions say to add it to any meat or vegetables, and simmer for 20 minutes.  I’ve made it a few times with pork tenderloin in a crock pot dish.  It’s always a success.  It has a hot and spicy Indian-like flavor, […]