The stomach flu hit our entire family hard last week.   We were forced to postpone our Valentine’s Day dinner until we got our appetites back.  It was worth the wait. We kept our menu simple: Filet Mignon, Creamy Poltenta, and  Brussels Sprouts with Lardons and Candied Pecans.  Dinner was lovely and delicious.  I had to share the recipe for Brussels […]


Orange Pecan French Toast

by kara on June 19, 2011

Happy Father’s Day to all the great dads out there!   This year,  Courtland requested brunch at home and dinner out at Black Forest Inn.  Lucky guy.   My Aunt Sandy and Uncle Keith joined us for brunch on their way from Milwaukee, WI to Bismarck, ND.   I’ve made Orange Pecan French Toast several times during the holidays.  It’s a […]

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Nutty Cabbage Salad

by kara on June 12, 2011

My mom is famous for bringing her Nutty Cabbage Salad to bbq parties.  This salad is light, colorful, and compliments whatever kind of meat is on the grill.  It takes just a few minutes to prep and tastes best if marinated overnight.  I brought this salad to our friends’ housewarming bbq party on Friday night. . . in the rain.  And […]


I’m a super big fan of this recipe from Jennette Turner.   I’ve mentioned her meal plans before in this post for Andalusian Chicken Stew.  This dish got a “Mmmm, smells great” comment from Courtland when he walked in the door from work tonight.  The cinnamon really adds an extra spice and comfort to the recipe.  It […]

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Fudge Nut Bars

by kara on May 12, 2011

In celebration of Nurse’s Week,  I’m sharing a recipe from my nurse friend Pace.   She’s from North Dakota (like me).  She’s a potluck pro.  I was in heaven the first time she brought these Fudge Nut Bars to a work potluck.  Chocolate fudgey nut goodness.   I made these for the Open House Party at Bubbly Paws.  They were the […]

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