Baby Back Pork Ribs

by kara on May 28, 2012

Hope you all are enjoying your holiday weekend and the festivities it brings. For me, the  Memorial Holiday has always been a time to not only remember those who have served in the military, but also a time to remember all our loved ones as well as a time to enjoy family and friends who are […]


Satay Recipe

by kara on August 4, 2010

When I married my husband, his mom gave me a collection of his favorite recipes.  Satay was one of them.   It’s a recipe that the family’s Unitarian Universalist Church in Bismarck, ND would serve at fundraisers and art fairs.   The Conrads, church members, brought back the recipe from a trip to Indonesia. The first time we made the satay recipe, I was […]


Father’s Day

by kara on June 20, 2010

Father’s Day.  The last 2 years, I’ve shorted Courtland when it comes to celebrating Father’s Day by mistakenly planning girls weekends (insert selfish comment here) and coming home late by missing my planes.  . .I know. . . not one, but two years in a row.  So, this year, I marked my calendar and made sure […]