The stomach flu hit our entire family hard last week.   We were forced to postpone our Valentine’s Day dinner until we got our appetites back.  It was worth the wait. We kept our menu simple: Filet Mignon, Creamy Poltenta, and  Brussels Sprouts with Lardons and Candied Pecans.  Dinner was lovely and delicious.  I had to share the recipe for Brussels […]


Alright.  It’s officially winter in Minnesota.  I’ve accepted it.  I’m embracing the elements, which means roasting heartier fare.  This bison roast was a winner.  Browning the roast in bacon grease before placing it in the slow cooker added an extra richness to the overall flavor.  If you don’t have bacon grease on hand, use a few tablespoons […]


Black Beans and Pork

by kara on January 10, 2012

I made this recipe before Christmas and am just now getting around to sharing it.   I got a new camera from Courtland for Christmas.   It takes much better pictures than the one above taken by my old camera.  But, I just had to share this recipe.  So good!  And easy.  I put the ingredients in the slow cooker in the morning before leaving […]


Chocolate Pots de Crème

by kara on January 2, 2012

Happy 2012!  I’m certainly ready for a fresh start this year.  I had 3 orthopedic injuries in 2011 and have declared 2012 an injury free year!  To celebrate the end of 2011, we decided to have a few friends over to ring in the new year. Wow. . .such a fun and fabulous party. Keith and Trycia brought a variety of […]

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Mom’s Cabbage Rolls

by kara on November 17, 2011

My mom makes the best cabbage rolls ever.  Seriously.  I’ve had cabbage rolls at ethnic restaurants in the Twin Cities, and they just don’t compare to my Mom’s cabbage rolls.  This recipe takes time (at least an hour prep, then 2 hours in the oven), but it’s worth the effort.  It’s a great meal to make […]


White Chicken Chili

by kara on September 20, 2011

White Chicken Chili is my husband’s favorite kind of chili (Tex-Mex Chili and Veggie Chili are 2 that I’ve previously posted).  This recipe is ideal for this time of the year .  It can easily be made on a weeknight, particularly if you cook the chicken ahead of time.   If you like more heat, add more jalapenos and cayenne pepper.  […]


Ground Turkey and Black Bean Tacos

by kara on September 9, 2011

I’ve been slacking in the kitchen this last week. . .for good reasons.  We traveled to New York and Massachusetts over Labor Day weekend for my girlfriend, Mia’s, wedding.  Best wedding ever.  Once we got home, I dove into getting our house ready for a rummage sale.  Needless to say, dinners have been quick and […]

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Bethany’s Salsa

by kara on August 28, 2011

My friend, Bethany, is a southern gal who moved to Minneapolis a few years ago.  She’s a classy lady.  She moved back to the Atlanta area this last year.  I miss her.   I found her recipe when I was asked to bring a dish to share at my girlfriend, Trycia’s, birthday party this weekend.  It is similiar to Texas Caviar and […]


Italian Sausage Stuffed Portobellos

by kara on August 21, 2011

My mom gave me this recipe for Italian Sausage Stuffed Portobellos a few years ago.  It’s a perfect dish for those who are following a low-carb or gluten-free diet plan.  Plus, it tastes great!  This dish takes little time to prepare once the prep work is done.  Feel free to use turkey sausage instead of pork.  I am currently a fan […]

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Roasted Cauliflower

by kara on June 29, 2011

When we were kids, my mom had a way of getting my brother and I to eat cauliflower by topping it with loads of cheese.  Nowadays,  I like to roast cauliflower and think it tastes even more delicious.  Go wild and choose an orange or purple variety of cauliflower if you’re feeling adventuresome.  And if you must. . .top […]

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