Date Pfeffernusse Cookies

by kara on December 2, 2012

It’s December already, and we don’t have any snow on the ground.  Im not complaining and have been thinking about holiday cookies anyway.  And these Date  Pfeffernusse Cookies have been calling my name.   The recipe for these surgary/spicy cookies is from my Grandma Tesky.  They are truly one of my very favorite holiday cookies.  Not only […]


Roasted Rhubarb Sauce

by kara on May 20, 2012

I was so thrilled that Fulton Farmer’s Market opened on Saturday.  Each and every time I go to our neighborhood farmers market, I am reminded how incredibly lucky we are to live in our Minneapolis hood.  I stocked up on starter plants, pea shoots, pickles, and rhubarb. And then I went home and made this sauce.  I […]

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Happy May

by kara on May 3, 2012

  Happy Cinco De Mayo weekend! Can you believe it’s May already?  Wow.  We’re heading out with friends on Friday night to check out the new restaurant, Butcher and the Boar.  I’m stoked.  Not quite sure what we have planned for Saturday yet, but it will likely involve a Mexican feast. If you’re searching for […]


Harvey Wallbanger Cake

by kara on March 15, 2012

I love this cake.  It has sentimental value.  As a kid, my mom made it for dessert when we had dinner parties at our house.  Yeah, it has cake mix in it. . .and pudding mix.  So what.  Just go with it. I decided to make Harvey Wallbanger Bundt Cake as our dessert for a dinner party […]


Chocolate Pots de Crème

by kara on January 2, 2012

Happy 2012!  I’m certainly ready for a fresh start this year.  I had 3 orthopedic injuries in 2011 and have declared 2012 an injury free year!  To celebrate the end of 2011, we decided to have a few friends over to ring in the new year. Wow. . .such a fun and fabulous party. Keith and Trycia brought a variety of […]

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No Bake Cookies

by kara on November 6, 2011

These are my kind of cookies.  Do a Google search for No Bake Cookies, and you will find all sorts of recipes. This one is from my Grandma Renner.   With just a few ingredients, it is fun for kids to make as well.   No Bake Cookies are even a healthy treat with the addition of peanut butter and oats.  I’m choosing to ignore the […]


Maple Walnut Apple Crisp

by kara on October 16, 2011

Of all apple desserts, apple crisp is my favorite.  I especially love this apple crisp with the addition of maple syrup and walnuts.  It’s just basic ingredients combined together that smell incredible while baking in the oven.  Serve the apple crisp with cinnamon ice cream to make it even more fall-like. Maple Walnut Apple Crisp Adapted from […]


Pumpkin Cookies with Brown Sugar Icing

by kara on October 3, 2011

I love all things pumpkin: pumpkin muffins, pumpkin bread, pumpkin bars, pumpkin pie, pumpkin soup, pasta with pumpkin.   I could go on and on.   Jack has been begging me to bake him cookies.  It is October after all, so I decided to bake pumpkin cookies.  These cookies will most certainly satisfy a craving for pumpkin and spice.  Share these with friends, unless you want to keep dipping your hand […]


Best Ever Carrot Cake

by kara on August 30, 2011

My husband, Courtland, and his brother, Ben often celebrate their birthdays together since the dates are close.  Once again, they both requested Carrot Cake.  I made these cupcakes last year.  I think this recipe outdid the cupcakes.  In fact, I brought the leftover cake to work the next day, and my co-workers claimed it the Best […]


Blueberry Raspberry Tart

by kara on July 4, 2011

Happy Independence Day!  What a lovely, sun-filled weekend!  My Mom and Tom visited us in Minneapolis for the 4th of July weekend.  We hit up Brasa on Friday night, and Cocina del Barrio and  Sebastian Joes on Saturday night.  By Sunday, we were ready to BBQ and chill out at home for the evening.  Courtland grilled up some tasty Gouda […]