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Famiglia Meschini Pinot Noir

by kara on November 18, 2012

Thanksgiving is fast approaching!   To me and many others, that means putting together a menu and finding a few bottles of wine that compliment a meal full of various dishes.  In that search for a food friendly wine, I often look to my favorite red wine,  Pinot Noir.  This year, I’m bringing a Famiglia Meschini Pinot Noir to share for […]


Spaghetti Squash Carbonara

by kara on November 9, 2012

How can it be November already?  October just went by in a flash.  As the days get shorter and a bit colder, cooking at home is much more appealing.  The markets are full of different varieties of squash right now.  Of all the kinds of squash, spaghetti squash has always been my least favorite.  It’s just not […]


Well, hello there.  It’s been a long time.  Apparently I took some time off from blogging for the summer.  Life got crazy. Trips, parties, concerts, beach, pool, and family time took priority.  Now that Jack is off to kindergarten, my schedule is a bit less hectic.  It’s a relief! I’m back to searching through cookbooks and magazines for inspiration.  […]


Marinated Kohlrabi Salad

by kara on June 28, 2012

Kohlrabi is already popping up at farmer’s markets this year.   Kohlrabi (a “cabbage turnip”) was bred from a wild cabbage plant. Wondering what to do with this strange looking vegetable?  I was a bit afraid of kohlrabi until I saw Chef Stewart Woodman ( do a demo at Kingfield Farmer’s Market a few years ago.  I watched him make […]


Asparagus.  My favorite vegetable.  Courtland jokes that one of these days I’m going to turn into a big stalk of asparagus since I eat it so much.  The spring green vegetable is always my vegetable side of choice to pair with grilled meat, chicken, or fish this time of year. My Mom made this recipe for our Mother’s Day brunch back […]

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Mediterranean Kale Salad

by kara on March 23, 2012

Does this salad look like spring or what?!  I’m saving my soup and chili posts for rainy days.  It’s just too hot and balmy here in Minneapolis to think about anything other than light food.  I’ve mentioned before about my love affair for kale.  It’s so versatile and crazy good for you. My friend Dana introduced me […]


The stomach flu hit our entire family hard last week.   We were forced to postpone our Valentine’s Day dinner until we got our appetites back.  It was worth the wait. We kept our menu simple: Filet Mignon, Creamy Poltenta, and  Brussels Sprouts with Lardons and Candied Pecans.  Dinner was lovely and delicious.  I had to share the recipe for Brussels […]


   I regularly visited my grandparent’s farm north of Zap, ND when I was a kid.  During the summer and fall, my grandma would give me a big mixing bowl and send me down to her garden to pick whatever was ripe.  Her garden was like no other I’ve ever seen.  It was huge and had an abundance […]

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BBQ Pork Sandwiches with Creamy Coleslaw

by kara on July 21, 2011

 Whew!  It’s been so hot this week in Minneapolis.  I’m not going to complain since our winters can be challenging, however, our a/c decided to malfunction during the heat wave.  Needless to say, we didn’t do much grilling outside or cooking inside.   My slow cooker is always the appliance of choice when the weather heats up.  This […]

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One night last week, we decided to have an impromptu grill-out after discovering pork chops in our fridge.   We threw a little sauce on top of the chops, cut up the vegetables we had on hand,  and that was dinner.  Summer food allows for that sort of thing.  I love it. Hoisin Grilled Pork Chops 3-4 […]

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