Happy May

by kara on May 3, 2012

  Happy Cinco De Mayo weekend! Can you believe it’s May already?  Wow.  We’re heading out with friends on Friday night to check out the new restaurant, Butcher and the Boar.  I’m stoked.  Not quite sure what we have planned for Saturday yet, but it will likely involve a Mexican feast. If you’re searching for […]


Eggs, Chocolate, and Flowers

by kara on April 5, 2012

  Happy Easter weekend!  Easter is one of my favorite holidays.  The fresh air, sunshine, and budding flowers just make me happy.   And the food.  What’s not to love about eggs and chocolate! We’re staying home for the holiday weekend and hosting brunch at our house.   This year’s menu includes a spiral cut ham from Lunds, a […]


Ginger Chicken Soup with Vegetables

by kara on April 1, 2012

Ever trade one service for another?  A friend of mine gave me a chiropractic treatment in exchange for a batch this soup.  Seriously.  Easy trade for me since I make it all of the time. This is my go-to chicken soup recipe.  I’ve been preparing it for years and think it tastes better everytime we eat it. I […]

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Mediterranean Kale Salad

by kara on March 23, 2012

Does this salad look like spring or what?!  I’m saving my soup and chili posts for rainy days.  It’s just too hot and balmy here in Minneapolis to think about anything other than light food.  I’ve mentioned before about my love affair for kale.  It’s so versatile and crazy good for you. My friend Dana introduced me […]


Grilled Cheese Party

by kara on December 12, 2011

Our friends Keith and Trycia  hosted a grilled cheese party on Saturday night.  What a brilliant idea!  Who doesn’t love melted cheese, crusty bread, beer, and wine in the company of fabulous friends? Keith has always claimed that his grilled cheese recipe is one of the best.   Keith’s “Old Fashion” Grilled Cheese was a slight variation […]


White Chicken Chili

by kara on September 20, 2011

White Chicken Chili is my husband’s favorite kind of chili (Tex-Mex Chili and Veggie Chili are 2 that I’ve previously posted).  This recipe is ideal for this time of the year .  It can easily be made on a weeknight, particularly if you cook the chicken ahead of time.   If you like more heat, add more jalapenos and cayenne pepper.  […]


Fulton Farmer’s Market Preview

by kara on May 31, 2011

Last fall, I was thrilled to learn that the same version of Kingfield Farmers Market was going to be coming to the Fulton Neighborhood in Southwest Minneapolis and would be located within walking distance from our house.  The Fulton Farmers Market opened on May 21st and will run every Saturday through October 29th.  The market […]


Hot Chicken Salad

by kara on May 2, 2011

Each spring, I start to crave my mom’s recipe for Hot Chicken Salad.   Over the years, I’ve made it a little lighter and added more seasoning.  It’s the perfect main dish to make on a week night, particularly if you boil the chicken the night before.   I often serve Hot Chicken Salad with a side of green vegetables […]


Spring Quinoa Salad

by kara on April 7, 2011

It’s simply glorious outside today!   After a long winter, we are soaking up the sun.  I made this recipe last spring/summer. It’s on my menu for this weekend.   This is a light and healthy salad to make for lunch.  I adapted the recipe from Epicurious; replacing the dried cherries with tomatoes and eliminating the sunflower seeds.  The recipe can easily […]


Green Smoothie

by kara on March 6, 2011

Kale I have grown to love kale.   I thought it was a bit bitter when I first started cooking with it a few years ago, .  I’ve found that the moment lemon juice is added, that bitterness isn’t so dramatic.  Kale is full of all things good for your body. . .water, vitamins, fiber.  I prefer the ”Dino” […]