Famiglia Meschini Pinot Noir

by kara on November 18, 2012

Thanksgiving is fast approaching!   To me and many others, that means putting together a menu and finding a few bottles of wine that compliment a meal full of various dishes.  In that search for a food friendly wine, I often look to my favorite red wine,  Pinot Noir.  This year, I’m bringing a Famiglia Meschini Pinot Noir to share for Thanksgiving dinner at my in-law’s home.

The Famiglia Meschini story is near and dear to my heart because of it’s Minnesota connection.    The Meschini brothers restarted their father’s Argentina vineyard business in 2004.  They’ve continued to expand their grape growing into Chile.  Lucky for us, since this Pinot Noir from Chile is very economical.  The bottles can be found in many wine and liquor stores around the Twin Cities.  I found mine at France 44 for  $12.99.

Famiglia Meschini Pinot Noir is the prefect holiday wine: full-bodied, smooth and subtle taste with a dry raspberry/cherry aroma.  Still in search of a side dish to bring to Thanksgiving dinner?  Wow your guests with Brussels Sprouts with Lardons and Candied Pecans, the perfect side dish to pair with this wine.  The Brussels sprouts are a delicious balance of fat and spices that go well with mild flavor of the Pinot Noir.

So there you have it, a wine and a side dish to cross off your holiday to-do list!

And an exciting event than any food or wine enthusiast would love – Fernanda and PierLuigi Meschini, co-owners of Ristorante Da Piero in San Severino Italy and family of the Eugenio and Teresa Meschini, are cooking their favorite Italian dishes, served with the finest wine from their vineyard. When you combine this with the company of good friends, it’s truly a night to remember. Get your tickets here: http://famigliameschini.eventbrite.com/#

Wishing you, your family and friends a very Happy Thanksgiving Holiday!



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