Victory 44

by kara on January 7, 2011

We ventured out to Victory 44 in North Minneapolis last Saturday night with our friends, Keith and Tycia.  The restaurant doesn’t take reservations, so we went fairly early in the evening.  We got the last available table when we arrived around 6:45 pm.   The interior is very cozy. . .and full of pictures of pigs.

Shortly after sitting down, we were greeted by our waiter (who shared he is also a chef, but would not be cooking our meals that evening).  He made a few recommendations from the menu, which is featured on chalkboards along the walls. We decided to share a few smaller dishes and then get one of our own.   Prices were very reasonable, which allowed us to order quite a bit.  Servings were on the lighter side for most dishes.  The wine and beer menu  offered a small yet nice selection, most under $10/drink.

We started off with the Mixed Greens and the Beet Salad.  By far, the most interesting Mixed Greens and Beet Salad I’ve ever had.

We also had the Cheese Agnolotti.  Deliciously rich.

Trycia and I both ordered the Scallops, which tasted very good.  They were on top of  sausage-stuffed ravioli and a blood orange sauce.  Unfortunately, the temperature was lukewarm.  In all fairness, we didn’t let the waiter know about the temperature of our dish.


Keith had the Perfect Burger, which also came with fries topped with bacon powder.  He raved about it.

Courtland had the Reuben, which also came with the fries.  I had a taste. . .divine.

We decided to order dessert.  This is what arrived first: The Pre-Dessert.  An adult version of smores.


And this is what came shortly after:  The Dessert Platter.  I cannot remember what each dessert was called, but they were all creatively crafted (with chocolate powder) and tasted incredible.


When the chef brought out and explained our dishes, he seemed rushed and talked fast.  That being said, we will definitely go back to try Victory 44 again. . .particularly for the comfort food with a twist and affordable prices to go along with it.

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